Relaxation and Gout

by Lawrence Hughes
(Soyo, Angola)

HI Folks

Well for me, stress has to be a trigger for gout, as whenever I am wound up, the little demons strike.
I am lucky in that I get to visit the Kruger National Park in South Africa on a regular basis, and there we spend at least two weeks chilling out. The diet when we are on safari is red meat (and lots of it) beer and of course good red wine, and during these trips I never get an attack.
Yet, put me back in a stressful environment, with all the right diet and way less alcohol and BINGO, not long and I am suffering.
After all the reading and research, one realises that they have not really discovered the true cause of gout, and for sure self diagnosis is all that is going to help you.
Now I am going to hobble off back to work, where I will no doubt stress more because I am unable to get around properly, and that will just make matters worse ..... just cannot win can I.
Good Luck

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Jun 30, 2012
Nice article one addition is...
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the Article. However I would like to add the most likely cause for gout.
Even though doctors might not know or choose not to tell you, if you simply google search with quotations
fructose-induced hyperuricemia
It becomes quite clear that sugar and fructose, sucrose it the culprit for high uric acids and thus gout.
Further variations of google searches with keywords of fructose and uric acid or even including the word gout will make it more evident. Then research insulin resistance and find out about the cycle caused by long term sugar intake (Including white breads or other food that spike your blood sugar levels ..glycemic index...)
An experimental research to test upon yourself (It's illegal to give medical advice but not to do medical research wink wink) if you have gout would be to get lots of natural vitamin C from food sources, and also try fasting to erase the body burden of digestion and allow your body to focus it's capabilities on detoxing. During which drink distilled water which means empty water which can then fill up with your body's toxins and eliminate them in your urine. After reduce all sugar from your diet (except natural as in fruit) and white flour(as stated above) Good luck and Thanks again for your article.

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