Silver is safer for gout treatment than legal drugs

by Sandy

The FDA is run by crooks from big pharma and they don't mind approving unsafe "medications" that harm and kill tens of thousands of people every year. Yet they give something as safe and effective as colloidal silver a bum rap using the excuse that one stupid guy turned himself blue. He made it incorrectly and admitted it. If it is correctly made, you can drink gallons of it without turning blue.

That said, you don't have to drink it for it to be useful and effective. It is totally safe to use externally and there is nothing like it for antiseptic, cleaning and sanitizing.

Many of us use colloidal silver it because it's safe, it works and it's cheap to make. Unfortunately for the drug companies, like many old and effective remedies it can't be patented. Consequently it can't be sold for $50,000 an ounce until it comes off patent 20 years down the road. There isn't enough profit in it for them so they don't want people to use it.

Please look a little further than phony consumer debunking sites before you turn people off something that could help them.

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