So very grateful for learning of this remedy and for reading this page! ACV for Gout!

by Hud

I like it over crushed ice as well as a warm toddyI guess stress ,alcohol and poor diet can be some of many things that kick off my gout. I work as a Cop and one of the perks as well as downfalls is stress, and fast food. We usually get some sort of discount to eat in greasy spoons so our cars are in their parking lots which cut down on drunks and robberies. The types of food don't really fit the food triangle to well. On top of that my mother is in her ninth month of brain cancer. To say the least diet ,heavy (off duty drinking) and poor habits have lead to almost weekly gout explosions in my feet. Mainly my left big toe.

Two days ago I was in so much pain I wanted to shoot off my toe. As I was wheeling my mom into a rehab center the loung lady at the checking area told me about Braggs vinigar (With The Mother) in it she suggested i try it an I did.
I mixed four Tbs. with four Tbs. of a local organic honey,warmed it up to disolve the honey and added just enough water together the flavor where I needed It t be... For me. I enjoy it over crushed ice an it's not bad warmed up as an elixor either.

With in a day, I was walking mostly pain free, I did not miss work, I could push my mom in her chair and most inmortantly I was able,to dance with my eight year old daughter.

While this may not work for all gout in all people it worked for me and I am a firm believer.

Remember to use the Bragg apple cider with the mother in and a good local ororganic honey! Both can be bought atb your upper end supermarkets! Worst spend less than ten bucks on a chance that might just work for your type of gout!
PS....I finished a whole bottle in two days...waiting to see if that come Back to bite me in the butt. I should also add I love vinigar, so the taste waś a pleaslent surprise!

Hope this is of some use to someone,

, Hudnalli

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Jun 10, 2012
ACV for your Gout
by: Peter

Great story,
thanks Hud. I also take ACV for gout but never as a hot toddy.
Hmm winter is near and this will make a great addition to my gout fighting tools, even though there is alcohol on the toddy.

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