Stress! A Gout trigger. Dont let anyone tell you different.

by PTB
(lake st louis, mo. usa)

I am a 46 year old male that has been physically active for the most part of my
life and in relatively good health. Last year I had what felt like a sprained
ankle as I awoke in bed after having extremely vivid dreams and pulsing heart.
I thought to myself how in the world did I sprain my ankle? I didn't! it was
Gout! what I once thought was a sprained ankle and moderate pain became within
hours a crippling, devastating handicap. Walking was impossible and crawling
was my only option. The pain within my ankle and down the ligiments soon traveled
to my other foot and then my elbow. Frustration set in when I realized the doctors
were not listening, but rather diagnosing the problem based upon poor diet. That
being said I realize diet is a valid issue but I believe in my heart of hearts
that stress for most is the culprit! Exercise for me is important to battle
depression and anxiety and when the flare ups occur exercise is impossible
therefor leaving me near to hopeless and filled with much anxiety and depression.
I have an appointment with a psychiatrist and hope that he can provide me
with the proper meds and hope that he will understand that anti-depressants
do not work on me and only make the anxiety worse. If I could only sleep I
know that I would have a healthy mind but sleep for me has been next to
impossible for the last ten years. When I attempt to sleep I just lay their
anxious and when I do begin to nod off the vivid dreams prevail. I am not
on any drugs or alcohol but have experienced significant loss in my life.
I feel the doctors should provide me with anti-anxiety meds and not anti-depressants
no matter how addicting. Benzodyazapans are safe if monitored correctly
and taken as prescribed. Especially if nothing else works and the only other
option is misery or suicide. How pathetic if doctors let someone slip away
because they dont want to understand that an anti-anxiety drug such as adivan
is the only answer if nothing else works.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. PTB

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Jul 26, 2017
Stress a gout trigger
by: Jay Gibson

I'm a 34 year old guy I do have a lot of medical issues and for the last few years I also have suffered with gout.
I was told by my doctor that it was triggered by food it is good to know that it is also triggered by other stuff like stress because I lost my grandmother to cancer in 2015 and she meant a lot to me and I'm also a first responder with my local fire department and my neighbors house burnt down it will be 2 weeks this Saturday so I'm a little stressed from that because I feel bad for the family involved. But until now I never knew that there are other things that could trigger gout besides food.

May 08, 2017
I am a 59 y/o woman, never had gout in my whole life!!
by: Anonymous

I am 59 y/o woman. Never had four in my life!! But something happened that has never happened before causing, unbieveable stress. And at my worst time in my life, I get GOUT IN BOTH ANKLES AND FEET!!. SO I KNOW IT'S from stress...

May 24, 2016
Stress and Gout
by: Peter

Thank you for your comment on Gout and Stress.
They are linked, and the amount of comments on this page show that other people do suffer from Gout when stressed out or under pressure.

May 24, 2016
Stress and Gout
by: Anonymous

Thank you. Gout IS brought on by stress. I dont care what the doctors think they know, or should I say 'really dont know'.
The medical community has yet to really figure Gout out.
I eat so healthy , cut out all purine foods, exercise, and take my vitamins.
But when I'm under intense stress ,
I get a gout flare up.

As far as the comments on benzos,all I'll say is I take them. For the past 8 years. Not Once have I uped my dose.
In fact I've asked the doctor to lower my script and he did so.
Benzos have a bad rap because some people abuse them.
Just like somone could abuse Tylenol!
Its a matter of keeping yourself in check.
Do I get panick and anxiety ? Yes. That doesnt mean that I cram a handfull Iif pills down my throat. I take whats prescribed and take deep breaths, exercise and a nap if need be.
Back to Gout.
With all my heart , I truly believe it is brought on by stress. Perhaps not just the stress alone, but the signals the body sends out raising levels of all kinds of stuff in our bodys. Purine levels ect.
Dont be fooled ,stress can kill.

In Short- Stress Does cause Gout flare ups. Period.
Doctors are just finally starting to see the connection.

Sep 16, 2012
Beware of bezo's not a long term solution!
by: Hope

Benzodiazapenes are not recommended for long term use as they decrease in efficiency and require increase in dosage due to increase tolerance over a short period of time. Then coming off of them -you experience the worst anxiety you never felt before taking it. Add to that along with very real physical problems-chest pain, suicidal ideation (never before present) talk about panic attacks then! I thought it too would help me with my anxiety. (And I have gout as I sit and write this in the hospital computer room being treated)I took it for 9 months and had to come off as it was increased twice and changed from one to another. I would never take it again. I finally settled on good ole generic citalopram. Don't worry so much about what the label says and listen to your body. For the gout wish us both luck!

Apr 16, 2011
A reply to PTB
by: Colleen S.A.

Dear PTB

I empathise deeply with the way you feel. I told my doctor that IF I were made to choose between dealing with Depression and Anxiety, I would choose Depression without hesitation!! Anxiety is the most devestating condition, totally debilitating. However, depression and anxiety normally go hand in hand at some stage. It would be wise to be treated for both. I don't know that the equivilent name would be where you are but I take an anti anxiety med called 'Rivotril' and an anti depressent called 'Depnil'. I hightly recommend these meds to you as I too suffer from debilitating anxiety due to circumstantial origin. I send you my most encouraging thoughts.

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