Stress induced Gout

by Rob

Most doctors REALLY do not know about gout. Lucky for me, I finally found a good rheuma specialist. Prior to that I bounced around from doctor to doctor who treated me as a novelty. "Hey, when you get a flare up can you come in and see me?" - Just so they could see it. I am a 41 year old male and experienced gout for the first time when I was 36. It only happened when I was working full time and coaching HS football (rundown and tired). I would get it one way or another every year after that until I stopped coaching when I was 39. At age 39 I also switched careers and I had the worst case in my life. I had it in my ankle, toe, knee, and hand. Never had it in my hand before. It was awful. It was pure stress. I have not had a flare up since as I have controlled it with stress relieving activity and medication. Here is the kicker though. From age 36 to 39 I would go on vacation and drink all week and eat seafood every dinner (mostly shell fish) and NEVER experienced gout. The ONLY time I would get gout was when I was rundown and tired and not eating as healthy as I should have (pop, sugary drinks, fast food). Today I meditate and exercise more. I also carry a bottle of prednisone with me as I travel often for work. Prednisone was the only thing I found to immediately start to reduce my gout symptoms. Not Colclys(spl?) nor regular over the counter anti-inflammatory medicines. For anyone that has experienced it, we all know how any kind of relief is welcome once an attack occurs.

In my case, gout is an autoimmune disease. Period.

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