I had both my hips totally replaced in 2008 after suffering from back and hip pain for years .... I was constantly in excruciating pain... After 9 months of recovery my life fell apart. I lost everything..... job, family , house , ability to move without pain... i was very successful in the auto business , but as I was out recovering from my surgery , Chrysler went under (2008) ... no job , no money ., and constant pain... After over 5 years on pain medicine , i see no end ... all of a sudden my ankle feels like it is sprained... terrible pain... bloodwork shows a spike in uric acid, cholesterol 357 , and triglycerides over 1000.... time to change everything... All of a sudden I have numbness in my fingers tired of one thing after another.I am changing my total lifestyle.... I am miserable from the pain ... can't work regularly because I can barely walk ... life sucks for this 56 year old former professional athlete....but, in 6 mos , i hope the changes help... if not.... oh well..... live with it.

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Nov 08, 2011
suffering - been there done that
by: Greg Piedmont CA

I've felt your pain, fingers crossed you can get that damn gout under control. I was in your boat, took a change in meds and about 6 months for the gout to go away. Long story short, my Doc put me on Allopurinol (and Colchine for 6 months) and slowly increased the Allopurinol dosage (up to 4 tabs a day) to get my uric acid under a 5. Email me at if you want to discuss what worked for me and might work for you. Keep us posted on how its going for you and if you find anything that works.

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