To young to feel this way! My gout Story

by Larry Weinberg
(Wayne MI)

Hello my name is Larry. I started having gout attacks at the age of 24, and I am now 33 years old. I started out having attacks in the big toe untill the last couple years. I went to a poditrist when I was 24 and they put me on allopurinol. I took the medication for about a year and still had attacks. I wasn't really concerned with my diet or drinking at the time. I have learned my lesson with drinking I just decided it wasn't worth the pain. I went to the the doctor a couple of weeks ago because my ankles where in severe pain. The doctor said my feet and joints look like a 80 year olds. I had to laugh even if it was at my expense. Just this last couple of weeks I have had issues with walking with severe pain in my feet and knees. The gout attack isn't going away it just moves to diffrent joints. In just a month I have had to call off work 3 times. I am in so much pain! I don't want to move I just want to sit on the couch and do nothing because it hurts when I move. I feel like a crippled because I have to use a cane to walk in my own house for support. All the doctors I have seen they all say I too young for this to be happening to me. I need help. This is more then just my big toe swelling up. I have had it in my ankles elbows fingers and knees. I am probably going to lose my job because I have called off to many times. I don't have insurance and that is another big problem.

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Oct 21, 2011
A sure cure
by: Anonymous

If you were to take Lenamed tablets 400mg 4X a day for about one month,I am sure that you would be almost free of the gout after the month taking that stuff. The main ingredient in the Lenamet is Cimitedine. Don,t waste your time with all of the natural cures. I have spent thousands on them and none work, including the alopurinol. Good luck. From [email protected]

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