Too young for gout ?

by Joe
(Ireland )

Hi I'm 34 lived a life full of exercise boxing kickboxing going to the jym work all week n take the weekends off. Having beers pizza and enjoying myself then being sensible during the week woke up middle of the night last year extreme pain in my right foot thought must have over done something not knowing what it was I suffered on with it till I had to go to hospital they xrayed me and gave me bubrofen after about 6 weeks the symptoms past so I continued to live life the same way till this year I got the same symptoms on the other foot which sent alarm bells ringing how could this be and started to read into it and self diagnosed myself with gout went to the doctors they took my blood and what do ya no I've got gout the doctor said I was much too young to have gout as I was in good shape and allways kept myself that way . The gout had eased at this time and I had a holiday with my friends to Ibiza booked so went on it anyway we partied and had a great time over 4 days. Three days after I got home I got a bad pain in my right knee then the big toe then the little toe was agony couldn't walk by the time I was home 5 days luckily I was off work for the weeknd and I had started on naproxen which helped me back on my feet for work on Monday. I havnt had a drink or a takeaway or anything high in saturated fat for 3 weeks now my feet feel great tho my knee is still sore on and off I just hope I'm not gonna b lyk this for the rest of my life I don't mind not drinkn or eating healthy just hope that's enough to keep the gout at bay just wish the doctors could have diagnosed me last year think I could have slowed down the gout in the earlier stages : ( I sympathise with all sufferers joe. Ireland

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Sep 15, 2014
Gout and Joe
by: Peter

Hi Joe,

Your story is similar to mine in many ways.
You have to change your habits, drink plenty of water, and i mean plenty of water to flush your system all the time.
I have suffered for over 25 years, but i have been able to reduce my attacks to only a small one here and there each year.
It takes experimentation on what herbs or remedies can control your gout.
I drink lots of water, eat cherries when in season, strawberries all the time, have plenty of multi vitamins and vitamin C, do not eat many shrimps, or prawns, and reduce my red meat intake.
I also drink only a few beers a month, and never drink a beer when dehydrated.

Good luck with your gout fighting future.
Let us all know how you are going in the future.

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