Update on my Gout. First Attack January, 2011

by Terri
(St. Petersburg, FL USA)

This is an update to my Gout, which I first had an attack in January, 2011. My uric acid level was high in July, 2010, but I wasn't told what that meant and nothing was done until my first gout attack in January, 2011. As you know, when you have a gout attack you cannot walk and it's the most excruciating pain in the world. Luckily, I found this website right away and actually diagnosed myself. I had a concurrent foot infection/cellulitis (from a blister at the base of my second toe), which complicated the diagnosis and treatment. I started taking the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (as outlined above--) and it seemed to work pretty good, however, I found that I would forget or was lazy about taking it after two meals a day--I work long hours outside the home.

I started taking the Bragg apple cider vinegar--2 tablespoons in 1 cup of water--upon rising every day--and this was the proper dosage for me. I have found that I may need a second dose in the evening--the last thing before bed--if I am under a great deal of stress, exercising at fat burning cardio, or have eaten a number of things that I shouldn't have, i.e. beef, bread (yeast), or fried foods. I have also been drinking 2 liters of water a day since January, 2011. It is imperative to drink 1/2 your weight in water per day--It is as important as the Bragg apple cider vinegar. I DO NOT DRINK ANY SODAS ANYMORE--it takes 8 glasses of water to cut the acid of one soda. I saw a dietitian in January, 2011, who put me on a 1600 calorie diet, enough to fuel exercising, and she wanted me to exercise one hour per day. I haven't gotten up to exercising 1 hour a day but I have been exercising on a regular basis, something I never did until then.

It can be quite overwhelming when first diagnosed with GOUT. You have to take steps to CHANGING YOUR LIFESTYLE so that you can live and feel healthy--IT'S EASY TO DO. THE KEY: Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (as given to you by this Website administrator--I owe a lot to you, Peter! You have saved my life from a life of pain and misery--And, I cannot thank you enough! I have lost 20 lbs and hope to lose more (the dietitian told me that I need to lose 60-80 lbs total; my cholesterol level went from 250's (high) to 190 (a normal level). Thank you. Terri

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