victim of sleep apnea and gout

by gerald simon
(fresno ca)

i have a gout attack tonight and i am pissed off. tired of the pain and its only increasing with each attack i am 45 tommorow so happy fricken birthday. doctors never give you the time that you pay for and herd you in like cattle . as fast as they can cause the magority of them believe the education they were fortunate to aquire entitles them to be incredibly wealthy. there problem is its never enough. and over time the profession is not satisfying them cause there not in it to help people but for the riches they desire. my doctor wont even prescribe pain killers such as vicadin. for my pain anymore cause he thinks i am a drug addict. though hes known me for 10 years. i have had the sleep apnea surgerys that were very painful. but never knew gout and sleep apnea were related until i read this on this web site tonight. just dont trust any drs advice anymore cause its all about the money and not the truth. so i guess i need to lose 30 lbs and who do i trust to give me good advice on how to do it. especilly on a fixed income. nobody wants to be over weight. i really dont consider my self to be overeating. just eating wrong i guess . everybodys different so how do i know what to eat and not what to eat.

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Feb 11, 2011
Re: losing weight
by: Anonymous

I just acquired gout in January....yes oh so painful! Nothing is more painful than this. I too have to lose weight. I googled "registered dietitian" and chose three to try to contact and the first one who answered, I took. She got me in for an appointment in a day--that's what I wanted--right away! I have a double whammy--kidney stones with oxylase content--meaning--I can eat carbs and milk products LOL...yeah for me! But, the dietitian, who charged $75 for the hour, gave me a 1600 calorie diet plan (meal plan with how many oz of meat/milk/fish/protein, carbs, vegetables and fruits for my age and weight and for enough energy to exercise. She said I needed an hour a day of exercise (yikes)...and if I feel overwhelmed to back off and do what I can and work up to it. I felt totally relieved the moment I had the appointment scheduled and then hearing her calm voice and direction. She said not to focus so much on the foods I can't eat, but keep portion control and just eat high purine foods once a week and moderate purines 2-3 times a week.

I was doing the apple cider vinegar/organic honey/distilled water (all at 1 tablespoon) 2x/day after meals but now I'm getting pain in my esophagus so I'm scared I can't do this either. It's so frustrating I know! And, I've only begun on this lifelong journey of pain and misery!

My doc put me on tramadol pain med..I don't think it's a narcotic...see if you can get that? Just a suggestion.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY....Hope you feel better soon.

Thank you Peter for this wonderful website!


Hello Peter here.

Thank you for the birthday wishes.
I am worried about the esophagus pain. I would stop the ACV immediately. I hope you mentioned to the dietitian that you are taking or want to take ACV.???
You can look at other natural ingredients such as Celery seed oil ( pill or capsule ) this has natural anti inflammatory properties? There are others such as complex ? helps convert uric acid into safer compounds, such as urea
L-glutamine ? anti-inflammatory, Fish oil ? can help reduce inflammation. L-Glycine ? antacid and Yukka Schidigera ? Conatins natural saponins that help arthritic conditions and cancerous conditions,also eliminates body toxicity
Tumeric ? A natural anti - inflammatory and antioxidant.
Just to name a few.

I wish you well and please keep this site informed of your discoveries an progress.



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