will it ever end?

by jake

I'm 27 now suffering from severe gout attacks. My first one happened when I was 24. I woke up one day and couldn't get out of bed, it felt like I had broke my foot. I hobbled and crawled around for a few weeks not knowing what it was. I did not seek medical help since I knew it couldn't be broken. Nothing happened in the previous weeks to cause any sprains or breaks. It finally went away and stayed away for about 8 months.

The next time was even worse so I decided to visit the doc. Had xrays, mri, and ct scans and he came to the conclusion that I had a fractured toe. Placed me in a cast for the normal time frame. Went had had the cast removed and felt like a million bucks. Until about two weeks later and back to limping around. Off to a new doc, his prognosis was gout, ok great gave me some antibiotics and pain meds. Told me to return in a few weeks if it was still an issue. As before it went away for some time. Off and on up until about 3 months ago it would visit me but nothing too bad a little pain and discomfort, in spurts lasting 2 to 4 days.

A few months back it came again and was really bad. The throbbing was so bad it caused head aches. Didn't matter if it was on the floor, up in the air, bearing weight or not also I could feel was throbbing throughout my body.
This time the doc did blood work and found my uric acid levels were at a 9.5. Said I was having a severe attack. More antibiotics and he also prescribed Allopurinol. The attack last almost 5 weeks some days better than others, but for the most part not good. Now its to the point even with the medication the pains hardly ever leaves for more than a day or two. It also comes and goes throughout the day. One minute ill be at work and all is well, break time comes and it takes me 5 minutes to get to our break room which normally takes me a minute at the most.

Just my experience with gout, glad I have to look forward to this the rest of my life. 5 different doctors and 3 years later here I am walking slower than 60 year old people with walkers.

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