Young woman with Gout

by Sue

Hello, I am 32 now and I am currently experiencing pre-gout "tingling, swelling", I hope it's not coming. I have had 5 attacks over the past 5-6 yrs. In my personal experience it has been mainly STRESS related, as well as some bad food choices and alcohol consumption, i presume. On my fathers side of the family many have had gout for years. My younger brother had his first attack at the age of 19. What I have learned from my own personal experience is that, drink plenty of water! Especially in the warm months. I have only had gout flares in warm months. Would love to know if others have this pattern.

When you are suffering from an acute attack..(important) Get a corticosteroid shot directly into the affected joint! Some Dr.s may put you on meds first to control uric acid etc.. blah. If they don't prescribe you a steroid or give you the shot, prepare to suffer. You find yourself sitting in the bathroom often. Maybe those meds may work for others, but if you would like to walk within 24hrs, get the shot.

I know.. I spent many nights hanging my leg off the bed for fear of touching my toe to anything, even fabric. In closing, I have tried pure cherry juice and excluding red meats and wine in my diet. But STRESS is the main trigger!! Get lots of sleep, water and vitamins and be optimistic> Good Luck and Good Heath :)

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Apr 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

You are exactly correct Sue. Stress the definite trigger. And then when one reaches for the Alcohol to calm one self down, everything shortly there after goes to hell! I think the whole thing
is perhaps a link to mental stability, positive attitude and definetly good diet. I get frustrated
because I have always been so physical and drank and ate whatever I wanted. Did cocaine, Meth and drank a sea of beer to come down. I believe this
was my down fall. It has finally caught up with
my mind and my body. But I dont give up! I still
dabble a little but have improved my diet greatly
But yes whenever a flare occurs better get that shot or Prednisone or Colchicine or all three or
pay the price. Also NSAID's do not work for me.
Amazing how prednisone works so well! Age 47 PTB

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