gout at a very early age

by emilio literal
(manila philippines)

Hi,I am Emilio Literal...27yrs.of age.I have had gout since I was 25.

Never did believe that a person such as me would go pressured by gout.
Its so hard.Im taking pain killers for it and colchecine too.I try to ignore eating food with high dose of uric acid.I kept eating them,but now I finally decided to watch my diet and to be more careful in what I eat.
More power god bless us all

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May 31, 2009
got gout early age
by: Anonymous

that sucks

but mines worse

im 18 but i got gout last year wen i was 17
it was so crazy i was like wtf is this and yer doctors dont beleive i have it but i do
my dads got it and my 16 year sister even has it.

i have it right now but takin pain killers and this medicine called COLGOUT works good...

take care and have fun hoping on one foot :)

Apr 17, 2009
also young! too young to suffer from Gout
by: Anonymous

ive had it since 24...i get it waayyyyy too regularly

and it absolutely KILLLSSSS me soooo painful!

im not overweight and eat well...no idea why i keep getting it

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