My Gout Story

by Marge S-Grove City, OH
(Grove City, OH)

I have suffered from gout since 1973. I am unable to take any type of anti-inflammatory medicines so the only thing I could take was colchicine which worked but took as long as 2 weeks to clear up an attack all the while I suffered from diarrhea. About 6 years ago my doctor started me on Allopuronal but the attached were coming oftener and more severe. I stumbled n the baking soda treatment while surfing he net one day and thought, "OK, I think someone is crazy, but decided to give it a try". Two days later the gout was completely gone. On my next visit to the doctor I told her about it and she gave me a strange look and then said sure, it would work, as it neutralizes the acid. She then told me to continue taking 1/2 teaspoon every day. She tested my urine and found the acid low and I have been taken off Allopuronal and so far am doing great. Nice to have my life back.

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Jun 10, 2012
Baking soda and Gout
by: Peter

Hi Marg, I am glad you have been going through the process of speaking with your doctor when taking Baking soda. You need to be aware of long term effects or build up from taking this product. Speak to your doctor about this and it is great to hear that it works for you.

kind regards

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