Was bleeding clumps of blood in my urine and healed myself with drinking Bicorbonate of Soda in water after 38 hours use.

by Edwin Martin Carranza
(Warren Ohio USA)

Baking Soda saved my life

I had taken a home remedy that i didn't know was so acid that it eventually made me piss clumps of blood in my urine. For a moment i thought i had cancer in my prostate and that was it for me. But no, it was that my urinary bladder was bleeding from the acid. I couldn't eat anything from that point because anything i would eat would release acid that went into the urine and caused lots of pain and discomfort in what seemed to feel like it was actually coming from the prostate, when in fact the pain was from the bladder. When i realized that i had simply burned myself with the home remedy, i got me a urinalysis test kit that tests for ph, ketones, blood, leukocytes, and six other things. I decided to use baking soda to see if the pain would go down in my prostate or the bladder area, and amazingly by fasting and only drinking bicorbonate of soda in water whenever i got thirsty i was alleviated. Prior to this in preparation to fast, i had filled a jug full of water and placed bicorbonate of soda in it, and i had tested the ph of it so as to measure 8.0 alkalinity. Then after 38 hours i stopped taking bicorbonate of soda because i was feeling kind of weird. However, the bleeding had stopped as shown by the results on the test strips. I reduced my intake of bicorbonate of soda water on the following days, and took less and less of bicorbonate of soda as the days went by. Of course i would fast now by eating only once a day. Everyday i improved, eventually i started taking wormwood everyday instead of bicorbonate of soda and at about the end of one month i was healed. I know that bicorbonate of soda helped me in more ways than one. I stand straighter now than i ever have and i have been a hunchback for many years. However there were also a few drawbacks. The fact that bicorbonate of soda makes me sleepless, and can also give rise to mild headaches, and in my condition avoiding acids, i couldn't even take an aspirin for it would cause pain in urination. Thanks for reading my story.

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