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What is Gout
is one of the oldest and most painful forms of Arthritis known to man.

Related to Kidney disease, and also Heart Failure.

Gout is caused by excess uric acid in the body that the kidneys were unable to flush out.

The Uric acid then forms into barbed Crystals which head for the bodies extremities and tear into the synovial sacks in the joints, causing extreme pain and swelling.

Long term effects are Kidney failure or Kidney stones, Heart failure and debilitating maiming of the joints of the body.

This is one mean painful beast.

I will be adding various bits of Information into this area in the weeks to come.

There are questionnaires within Gout-aware that are quick and can be beneficial for you to fill them in, as it is interesting to see what areas other people suffer their pain in and what medicines they use.

One Questionnaire is in the medicine section the other is a standalone questionnaire.

Any Comments and articles you would like to submit feel free. All email can be sent to




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Got A Gout Problem?

What is Gout

What is Gout - Gout, the oldest and most common form of Arthritis. The latest information on causes and symptoms of Gout, remedies and facts.

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ACV with mother

Iam now 67 and had gout attacks once every year since I am 62. After an attack I eat food low on purin But then I forget about it and eat whatever I want

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ACV working for me last 9 months!

Hi, I had my first kidney stone in December 2014 aged 45. I didn't drink much alcohol and I was relatively fit with a reasonable diet. I reduced the red

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HOrrible pain of gout attack

I am a computer teacher in school aged 37 years. Last year when we had a science fair in our school for 3 days. Last day i was very tired. it got very

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Bromelain - pineapple enzyme, not exactly for tea, but have very high potential in gout prevention and attack minimizer. Quercetin have shown great results

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A friend of a gout patient

I was a witness to gout attacks flairing up in a middle aged man when his mother, on one occassion, and his ex wife, on another, were condemning him on

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can't eat due to my Gout

I have a real bad gout flair up in my hand. Now the instant I start eating ANYTHING the pain intensifies. Even cellery! Now I have some Indocin which

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Latest Gout News from around the World

Latest Gout News from around the world

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1st Gout Attack

I am a 24 yrs old male. I am also a Doctor. Until 1 year ago I used to drink a lot of soft drinks and eat lot of meat and fish. In last year my soft drinks

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How to Remove Uric Acid Crystalization in Joints

How to Remove Uric Acid Crystalization in Joints

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Gout attack

ive suffer for gout attack every month sometimes every week for more than 3 years but when I tried this apple cider vinegar recipe believe me a big miracle

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Applecider Vinegar stopped my gout

I read about acv on another website and decided to give it a try. I was down to my very last option before consulting a physician. I was having very

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My first Gout attack

I recently experienced my first full blown gout attack, was looking on the internet for more info and came across nice site packed

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Stress and anxiety may of caused my Gout

I have had anxiety and stress for 3 years but recently erupted with tears and emotions . I have just been hospitalised with gout in elbow whilst in hospital

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Baking Soda seems to help my gout

The jury is still out on this treatment, scientifically speaking. It seemed to help me, but I am more excited about trying the tip of stopping flare up

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I am 40 and i had my 1st attack when i was about 24 years old. Since then i got attack almost 4-5 years per year. Now it just got worst. Some times i have

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Apple Cider and my arthritis - careful of your teeth enamel - use a straw

Well, I had been a long time user of ACV for arthritis. I have had replacement both knees, a shoulder and soon both hips. My joints felt so much better

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Mike D Stockport UK

I was 28 and skiing in Val D'Isere, France, and had a particularly heaving night drinking in Dicks Tea Bar. I eventually made it back to my apartment and

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Cec & Gout

Suffered my first gout attack in 1997 at age 49. My second attack was 2004, and attacks came more frenguently after 2004. In 2012 I read a book Wheat

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had gout now 10 weeks, getting worse.

i woke up to pain and a red toe, it moved to heel and up foot, next day it was in left foot. right foot was killing me. i waited like a fool until my ankles

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I don't eat eggs that much ! a few weeks ago I bought a dozen eggs and my god my ankles flared up I didn't realize the gout went away I thought is was

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Anchovy sauce

I suffer from gout at times. I know what foods to avoid, for the most part. Vietnamese fish sauce is one I discovered that is really bad. It only takes

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Gypsy Gout

Gypsy Gout? My gout is a travelling gout it jumps from foot to foot, from toe to heel. It gets under my foot in the area of my big toe joint and the heel

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dogs and gout

today I am helping a border collie dog that is being pumped with antibiotics for gout. His big toe has wrapped around the second toe and now his knee

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cider vinegar and rose hip flowers for gout

I recently met a woman that had a green bruise on her right cheek.I asked her what happened and she said its there permanently. she was having tests done

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Gout attacks numbness

I am in my 40's male and have been plagued with gout pain in my foot ankle and knee on and off for nearly 5 months. The first sign of gout I experienced

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Nightime poor breather

I had gout once. I went online to figure out why. What I read about seafood and alchohol made no sense to me because at the time I was on a vegetarian

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Lemon grass for Gout

How much should one person drink lemongrass tea?

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I use Stevia to sweeten the ACV

I take a teaspoon of ACV twice a day, morning and evening. I mix it with two packets of Stevia and about 3/4 cup of water. It actually tastes pretty good.

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Gout in the knees and hips.

I have realised that for myself gout attacks are not going to stop completely. I have had it in my toes at first and then ankles and recently in my knees.

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Dear sir I was suffering from joints pain, under the thumb of both the hands i am 60 years old, having no other disease like BP, DIABETES ETC . DOCTOR


Lemongrass Gout Cure

Lemongrass gout cure? Yep. Lemongrass has potential Gout fighting properties.

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This worked for my Gout

After feeling numbnees in my left toe and right thigh i went to see a doctor. I had a blood test that showed elevated levels of uric acid. S he i was borderline.

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garvald murray

i have been taking it, the mother, a few teaspoons per day, but not as much lately, and have been having a little too much southern comfort and sometimes

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Warranted Removal of Urate Crystals from Joints and Tissues

The point is, that none of the today's medications would remove the urate crystal deposits. And none if them comes without side effects. For narural cures,

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Middle Aged Gout Attacks - October 2014

I am a 45 year old male, 6ft and 192 labs. I have been athletic all my life and mostly fit and active. I have had digestive issues all my life and try

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Tingling and Numbness in feet

I am having symptoms of numbness and tingling more so in my right foot and some in my left. I do take statins and I am wondering if this is the cause.

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Atypical Acute Gouty Arthritis in my Family

The form of Gout which attacks me and two other of my brothers is very acute and debilitating. It can take hold at any time but particularly after a period

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Miss kelly robinson

I was at work sat at my till. Started getting shootimg pains in my left big toe, well i went on my break, went into the rest room, took my shoe off, the

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Too young for gout ?

Hi I'm 34 lived a life full of exercise boxing kickboxing going to the jym work all week n take the weekends off. Having beers pizza and enjoying myself

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The disease of kings

My name is Mubarak and my family is having gout problem . So automatically i am also having this problem for 8 years . I am now 27 years old . Really if

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Mrs Rosemary Laidlaw

As a female and in the minority of gout sufferers it has puzzled me as to the real root cause. Four years ago I had a serious fall onto my face doing much

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ACV for Jock Itch

This is kind of gross I guess but I had jock itch(technical term here) for years. Used all the expensive spray treatments you buy in the drugstore and

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Gout has Ruled my life and the Life of two of my Brothers Since our 'Forties'

Hi Peter, you Legend, Hey, I know that I have written this story once, but I needed to report back after using Organic Mother Apple Cider Vinegar and

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big phil

Hi Peter.Im 47 years old and had my first gout attack about 5 years ago.I started to feel sick and had the sweats about lunchtime and about 6 hours later

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NGO worker Trying ACV for gout

I had a very bad attack of gout on my left toe. I was suffering almost 3 weeks. I am now 95% recovered by taking anti-inflamatory remedy (Ibuprofen + Cochicine).

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I have used colloidal silver for 10+ years 2 ounces a day no problem

I have used colloidal silver for 10+ years 2 ounces a day internally with out any problems. I still look normal. The famous smurf was making his own with

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Enjoyed reading especially the part when your doctor said oh. Thank you!

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gout sufferer, woman.

I just had my fourth gout attack. I woke up with it. The indomethicin didnt work. I went to urgent care, crystal run, and the doctor said to use colcrys

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